The Garden Center & Seasonal
Goods in Bunker Hill, WV

Get the Best from The Supply Yard’s Garden Center!

The Supply Yard offers a wide range of locally sourced, organic products for you and your family in Bunker Hill, WV. We grow all of our vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers on our own farm and in our own greenhouse, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best when you buy from The Supply Yard! Our garden center is always full of beautiful annuals, perennials, and more to keep your landscape or garden blooming year round. We also offer a wide range of garden and landscape supplies for our DIY and commercial customers!

Your One-Stop-Shop for Seasonal Goods in Northern West Virginia

With the climate that we have in northern West Virginia, some goods are only available during certain seasons. These seasonal goods can include summer fruit, supplies for snow and ice removal, lawn decor, hanging flower baskets, and so much more. We are your one-stop-shop for everything you may need for your outdoor lawn/property care, so depend on The Supply Yard and JPM Landscaping for all of your needs. We are more than happy to accommodate, so make us your first choice when it comes to seasonal goods and lawn care services!

Local, Organic Goods in Bunker Hill, WV

Conveniently located in Bunker Hill, WV, The Supply Yard is readily available for customers who are interested in local, organic goods that they can depend on. Our selection of produce is never shipped in from other places in order to ensure their quality. We believe that by growing and producing our own vegetable, fruit, herbs, flowers, and other goods, we can provide our customers a level of quality and satisfaction that our competitors cannot. If you are interested in fresh produce for your and your family, stop by our location on Middleway Pike in Bunker Hill/Inwood, WV, and peruse our selection for yourself!

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Organic Herbs
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